Aug 12

Something to Munsch on at the Telus World of Science

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If you have a kid who loves Robert Munsch books – and let’s face it, there aren’t many among us who don’t ­– the Telus World of Science has an interactive display you’ll love. More with Munsch is a tribute to the well-loved author, who has written over 40 children’s books, lets kids see how Munsch creates his stories and gives them a chance to tap into their creativity, too.

Kids can learn more about the author and his travels and read his fan mail, but there are also plenty of doors to open, stories to create, and buttons to push. Check out the Onomatopoeia Wall, or make up a story or poem with various word-related activities. See what lurks in Munsch’s basement, or record your voices and play with different sounds. Or, if you want a bit of a break, curl up with one of Munsch’s books on a comfy cushion in the reading area.

There’s a lot to read in the exhibit, so it’s great for kids aged five and over – those who are starting to understand the printed word will probably get the most out of it. But just like Robert Munsch, the Telus World of Science is inspiring for kids of all ages.

Much More Munsch will be at the Telus World of Science until September 10, 2009. Visit to learn more.

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