Oct 26

It Might Get Loud: A Movie About Three Guys Who Love Music

by Fiona Wren · 0 comments

There’s something really captivating about rockumentaries if you’re a music fan. Take the inevitable guitar porn, for instance – slow pans over the face of a Stratocaster, close-ups of masters plucking out rock anthems with nimble fingers. Concert footage of shows you wish you’d seen live (or maybe have seen live).

I’m not what you’d call an audiophile, but I do live in close quarters with one, and I’ve developed an appreciation for the rock documentary. Which is why, when I heard It Might Get Loud was playing in Calgary, I rushed out to get tickets. We saw the late-night show at the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), convinced the “limited run” promised on the film’s Web site would mean it was our only chance to watch The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White jam together and talk music.

Luckily for those who didn’t make it into the CIFF screening, The Uptown Stage & Screen is running the show starting October 24. So for the thirty or forty people who couldn’t get in to the packed house that night – here’s your chance to see goofy footage of the early days of U2, hear Jack White talk about his favourite music, and hear Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page talk about being a sessional player. Interspersed between talk about why they love playing are scenes of the three musicians, gathered together, grooving on each other’s talents and playing around on different guitars.

It Might Get Loud, directed by Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), is an interesting look at three men who clearly have a deep attachment to all things musical, which probably strikes a chord with serious audiophiles. But there’s something there for casual listeners, too. And in a world in which we’re more likely to hear about what a celebrity ate for dinner or whom they’ve been seen with, it’s nice to hear about something far more interesting – what inspires them.

It Might Get Loud is playing at the Uptown Stage & Screen starting October 23.

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