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Calling All Style Icons!

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Back to Style  2011 was a great success thanks in part to our wonderful style icons – Nancy, Anna, and Tobias!  Each year we choose three people to be the faces of our Back to Style celebration and we are now searching for our2012 Style Icons! Our icons are real Calgarians, each with strong personal style and passion for the cultural, culinary, and fashion offerings of downtown.

Thinking about nominating yourself or a friend?  To help you decide, we had a brief chat with Nancy, Anna, and Tobias on their experiences this past year.

What made you decide to accept your nomination as a style icon?

Nancy – A friend suggested I have my picture taken, while we were attending a fashion show in June, I had no idea it was for a contest!

Anna –  I never thought of myself as a style icon as I have my own icons I admire. Granted it’s a compliment to be considered one, as it was to be nominated by other people for this campaign.

Tobias – I decided to accept the nomination for style icon because, I don’t really put much thought into my “style” and I figure that if I can be nominated and chosen that brings the idea of “style” back into the sphere of every day people. Meaning that everyone can, with a little thought and a little cash, have a unique and interesting “style.” I also thought it would be a fun and different experience for me.

What was your initial reaction when you were notified that you were selected as an icon and then saw your face on the advertising?

Nancy – Thought you had to be really old to be an icon!  Seriously, I was excited, flattered (especially when I saw my fellow “icons”) because I see myself as an example for others and hope it encourages young and old alike to “step up.” It’s been nothing but a great time so far! I was sitting at a stop light and realized I was looking at “me” on a poster; gives you kind of a start at first!  It’s encouraging how many people have sent along their “hello’s” after seeing it!

Anna –  I laughed! Again, not something I thought of previously. Sounded like fun and a means of engaging with downtown Calgary. I figured it would be good for the store too!  Honestly, I don’t think I look like myself so it’s very bizarre. Other people have recognized me though, much to their surprise.

Tobias – I have to admit that I chuckled a bit at being selected then out right laughed when I saw the poster for the first time. Here I am ten feet tall on the side of the building. And in FFWD magazine and …. It was a very strange experience.

What tidbit of information/advice do you have for 2012 icon submissions?

Nancy – Have some fun and remember this is representing Calgary, our vibrant, stylish, culturally rich city – we are, in some ways, ambassadors for all things good about Calgary!  We spend so much time being serious, working hard and this has just been totally my pleasure!

Anna – Have fun! All I did was be myself and ended up meeting some fantastic people throughout the experience.

Tobias – For next years icons I say have fun!

So as our past icons say – lets have some fun. – Nominate yourself or a friend today!

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