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Downtown Street Style Huntress October Sightings

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I’ve been obsessed with style and fashion since I can first remember. There are photos of me when I was barely walking, yet my finger nails were painted a bright red. Or pink. I would blow kisses to the camera and pose extravagantly with my hands, just so that my brightly hued nails were clearly visible in all shots.

My outfits were colour coordinated and tidy, and I even managed to climb a fence or two with the boys in the neighbourhood, while of course wearing a dress, knee socks and patent leather mary-janes. I would glare at my dad and fold my arms across my body in exasperation if he wasn’t able to muster the perfect braid or ponytail. Oh, my poor dear parents.

It’s no wonder that the obsession and love of clothing and fashion still exists in my world. I now, however, have many options of style stalking and observing. By being able to see and admire fashion and style from around the world, I decided that it was about time to do the same in my current city of Calgary.
 My start with Downtown Calgary was with September’s Back-to-Style, and I’m thrilled to be now bringing my Style Huntress ways to the Downtown Calgary blog monthly (first Friday of every month).

I consider myself lucky to be part of this generation, where now more than ever, individual and distinct style is encouraged and explored. A culture that embraces diversity…I think we’re getting there. And in the least, even if you can’t quite get out and travel the world, street style blogs are a great way to get a little glimpse into any given city, ours included.

Fall is by far my favourite season, so the past few weeks of street hunting have been my favourite thus far. I love scarves, boots and layering, and these looks all have a little bit of the fall that I love and adore.

Eun : I was walking through downtown on a grey Saturday morning when I spotted Eun  and just had to approach her! I love the distressed denim, the combat boots that are so on trend right now, and the leather jacket. Her look has a masculine vibe, yet she throws in a great scarf and bag to balance it all out.

Susan: Susan’s knack for layering and adding great depth to her outfit is what drew me to photograph her. I love the hat, scarf, and the skinny belt that pulls her entire look together. The white vintage coat is to die for!

JT : When I see black and red, I run towards it. Red being my favourite colour, I just adore how JT puts together a lovely red poplin with the fun striped tie. The black oversized scarf/cape is a nice touch as well.

Sarah : Sarah is the definition of ultimate cool. When I saw her walking down Stephen Avenue, I knew that I had to photograph her unique and colourful style. Her fuchsia pink lips are amazing, as are the yellow boots. As a fellow street style blogger, Sarah knows exactly what she’s doing.

Joshua: When it comes to men’s fashion, I seem to be drawn to a classic and clean look…exactly what Josh puts forth. His dark grey wool jacket is great fitting, stylish and handsome, yet his look still has flare and funk. Love the scarf and glasses.

Jennifer: The pixie haircut is what initially drew me to photograph Jennifer. She’s hip, colourful and was a joy to photograph. The bright blue skinny pants are also an amazing touch and add to the adorable look that is Jennifer.

Also since May of this year I’ve been capturing Calgary’s flare and style for Swerve Magazine (Style YYC in the Living Section online) each week, as well as approaching strangers and photographing for my personal style blog, polkadotpetticoat

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