Sep 27

A Harvest with Heart – Downtown Urban Garden

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Downtown Calgary's Community Garden presented the Drop-In and Rehab Centre with a crop of locally grown vegetables

If you’ve walked down Barclay Parade (3rd street SW) this spring/summer you’ve probably noticed the community garden between 5th and 6th avenue in downtown Calgary.

The small plots are a part of the Downtown Calgary Community Garden project, and the harvested food was donated Thursday morning to the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab centre in an effort to feed Calgarians in need, while creating a more vibrant downtown atmosphere.

The project began in 2009, and since then it has worked to bring the community together around a common goal of growing vegetables and herbs in a downtown setting. Radishes, potatoes, mint, asparagus, carrots and more grew slowly but surely in the heart of Calgary’s downtown core.

Although the harvest was far from a bumper crop, the initiative is a symbolic reminder of a number of important social issues that Calgarians are faced with on a daily basis. Poverty, Environmental impact, Community spirit and Personal health are all issues that the garden hopes to shed light on.

To learn more, visit the community garden page on our website.


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