Nov 23

Getting Down with Ron Pederson – The actor talks about playing Charlie Brown

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In the 1980s, there was a surge of Peanuts memorabilia. There were Snoopy objects everywhere. And Ron Pederson, who is playing Charlie Brown in Alberta Theatre Projects You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, is no stranger to that. He had a Snoopy snow cone machine and electric toothbrush. The gang of Peanuts were “part of the lexicon of [Pederson’s] childhood.”

Now Pederson has the opportunity to be part of the gang, his very first time in a play in Calgary and he is enjoying it. “It’s a really terrific group of people,” he says, “It’s very friendly and the cast is just sensational, we’re just instant friends.” You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is Alberta Theatre Projects holiday show, which means that it will appeal to kids but “some of it is for adults,” Pederson says. “The themes that they deal with in those comic strips are surprisingly adult,” he explains, “[they are] philosophical, they are about being anxious, they are about stress. [Kids] will come and really love it, and enjoy it, but parents will get some fun out of it too.”

There are challenges to playing Charlie, specifically the music within the production. “The math and science to the music have presented a relative challenge,” Pederson says. “There are a lot of tricks in the music.” He also explains that bringing a comic strip to life is another challenge. “Giving those two dimensional comic strip a voice and making them comedic and landing the joke… there is a bit of science behind [that],” Pederson says.

“The final musical number,” Pederson says when asked what his favourite part is, “It is very sweet, but it’s also wistful and hopeful. We all sing beautiful harmonies, accapella style.

If he could play anyone else in the story who would it be? “Lucy,” Pederson states, “she’s sort of pushy and bossy and it’s very humourous to watch.”

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown runs November 22nd – December 30th. Tickets are available online.

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