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The After is a Darkly Comic Ride

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You’ve died  in a freak theatre explosion. You are now stuck in the after-life, guided by Libby in the various stages of this space and time after your death. You weren’t lucky or good enough to wind up in the place of eternal bliss, but you also weren’t bad enough to spend all eternity in the most horrific space you can imagine. You are in between these spaces, in the after-life.

This is the stage that is set in Anchor Red Theatre’s The After. A one woman show that explores both Libby’s journey from death to the after-life and your journey as an audience member being newly dead. The play switches back and forth between Libby guiding you through the steps of the after-life, from the Therapy Waiting Room, to the Punishment Cove. And these scenes are cut with scenes of Libby’s therapy sessions, when she first died. We learn about her morbid obsession with death. It’s through this telling that it is revealed that there is something that is holding Libby back from her release to live a new life. There is something she is suppressing. She’s been here for long time, waiting.

Andrew Blizzard’s sound design in conjunction with Kalyna Conrad’s lighting design add spark and life to the narrative. These elements give the stage an eerie mood or a charming fun edge. Brienna Blizzard as Libby is entertaining, intense and sassy. She switches quickly between the unsteady Libby at the beginning of her journey to the bitter, impatient, funny host that leads you through the after-life. Stacie Harrison’s direction allows the play to have an intimate feel without stepping over the line.

The After is produced as a twisted ride, that takes turns and spins. It is darkly comical and features fun audience interaction. It is witty and sharp in its dialogue, ‘stop trying so hard, you’re dead!’ and still tells a compelling story about one woman who just can’t figure out where she is going wrong in her after-life.

The After runs November 22nd – December 1st in the EPCOR CENTRE’S Motel. Tickets and more information are available online.
(Four stars out of five)

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