Feb 15

Street Style Huntress: Black and White Barbie

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De Moda’s Fashion at Fashion Central

When one of my favourite stores, Betsey Johnson, shut down at Fashion Central, I was crushed. So the arrival of De Moda’s Fashion and its fabulous and stylish owner Barbie Seely, is certainly something to celebrate, as I keep my fingers crossed and hope that the addition of exciting shops in the building will allow for the space to flourish and grow in the future.

Barbie Seely describes her store and its aesthetic as Romantic, and that’s precisely what I’d say not just about the store, but about her look as well. What I loved most, aside from the different and truly unique perspective of the store, is that Barbie was friendly, outgoing and full of ideas to accentuate my body type. Now that’s what I call stellar and amazing customer service!

Like her store, Barbie is individual, adventurous and fashion forward. You can tell that she’s a woman who is comfortable in her skin and willing to play it up with her personal fashion, and she’s certainly bringing a much needed edge to Calgary. And thank goodness for that!

If mall culture isn’t quite your game, this store will be even more perfect for you to check out. De Moda Fashion carries blazers, jackets, dress pants, dresses and shoes, and is the home to both the KAT Von-D line and Samuel Dong.

On the day that I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Barbie, she was rocking a fabulous sleek black outfit herself, and I decided that because we are going with the romantic theme here, my photos definitely needed to be black and white as well.

And so, here is the lovely Barbie!


IMG_0242A IMG_0250B

IMG_0206A IMG_0252AIMG_0210A

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