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Foodies Unite! Big Taste 2013 is here!

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Hey Instagrammers and other social media maniacs! The Big Taste 2013 has officially kicked off, and we wanted to remind you that we’re having a daily Instagram contest. We just setup our own Instagram account, so we’re excited to spread the word and get people excited about the Big Taste. 

If you’re like us, and you can’t take a bite until you’ve snapped a pic, be sure to tag the photos #FoodiesYYC. Not only will your images be shared on our website, but one image per day will be chosen as our favourite and the user will win a gift certificate from one of the participating Big Taste restaurants (There are more than 70 participating).

To give you some inspiration and add some fun, we’ve come up with some themes for you:

  • March 1 – Facial Review/food on your face
  • March 2 – Food Architecture (by the chef or by you)
  • March 3 – Awesome Sauce (tastiest looking salsa, gravy, chutney, remoulade or demi glace (etc.)
  • March 4 – A picture with your waiter or waitress
  • March 5 – Desserts
  • March 6 – Your “Big Taste” Date
  • March 7 – Pairings (excellent food, excellent drinks)
  • March 8 – Fancy cocktail
  • March 9 – Appetizers
  • March 10 -Empty plate, full stomach

Now that you’ve got the inspiration, get snapping (and eating)!

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