Jul 12

Street Style Huntress: Summer Festival Style

by Aldona Barutowicz · 0 comments


There’s nothing better than festival season, and with that of course, festival fashion! I love all the fantastic outfits that come out to play during this fabulous time of year, and this is when I really hit the streets hard with camera in tow to capture all of these stylish goodies.

From over-sized hats to a little fringe, you can expect to see a little bit of everything during the summer months, and especially at this year’s festivals. I came across some fantastic shades, polka-dots, prints, denim and even teal hair! Not only were the outfits I captured completely adorable, but they also looked comfortable and ready to seriously rock.

With the Calgary Folk Festival just around the corner, I thought the following looks would serve just perfectly as a little sprinkle of inspiration.

IMG_0001A IMG_0060A IMG_0069A IMG_0077A IMG_0081A IMG_0095A IMG_0105A IMG_0117A IMG_0121A IMG_0129A IMG_0143A

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