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Chris Griffin Live at the EPCOR Centre’s Engineered Air Theatre July 20th, 2013

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For those who like to laugh, I mean REALLY laugh, there is nothing like live stand-up comedy. Sure, Hollywood puts out funny movies and television shows from time to time but if you prefer belly laughs to mild amusement live stand-up comedy reigns supreme.

For local comedian Chris Griffin, this passion for laughter has become a full-time job and then some. Griffin, who can be found headlining and hosting at various comedy clubs around Calgary has embarked on something that’s otherwise unheard of outside Hollywood or New York; self-funding a theatre show and taping for the entire world to see.

The comedian, who worked a full-time job in addition to his duties as a professional stand-up to be able to afford this endeavour put it all on the line in order to have one final hoo-rah before leaving Calgary to make it big in Vancouver’s comedy scene.

Sadly, the gamble seemed like it would be all for naught as June’s devastating floods forced Chris to cancel all four shows that had been scheduled in the EPCOR Centre’s Engineered Air Theatre.

Like the legend of the phoenix, Chris Griffin and his brand of off-kilter humour has risen from the soggy ashes and his shows have been rescheduled for Saturday July 20th, 2013. Tickets are $20 and 100% of the profits will benefit flood relief. That’s right, a guy who emptied out his bank-account so he could produce his own theatre show is now giving away any profit.

Chris Griffin is a standup guy!

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