Apr 05

Participate in Jane’s Walk events downtown!

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Calgary has a rich history and compelling future, from the industrial corners of the North West to the bustling growth downtown. On May 4-6, 2018, take the opportunity to learn more about our city by participating in the 2018 Jane’s Walk!

Jane’s Walk, created in memory of writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs, is a global festival built to encourage citizens to take part in their city’s design and planning. Jane believed in a community-based approach to urban planning and development, and these walks continue her legacy.

Calgary has participated in the event since 2008 and has seen up to 82 walks in one year. Walk hosts plan their tours around relevant topics, which can be anything from feminism to skateboarding to functional (and not-so-functional) design. Take the chance this year to learn more about downtown Calgary!

Currently listed downtown walks focus on girl’s lives, a history of one of Calgary’s oldest professions and what Calgary could have been if all its design dreams came true. In addition, learn more about literature while admiring the Bow River and head down to Stephen Ave and catch six 10-minute plays about the lives of those in our wonderful city. Finally, learn more about how newcomers to Calgary see our home. 

More information and walk leader sign-up can be found at Jane’s Walk Calgary.



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