May 01

Photos from the 2018 POW! Parade of Wonders

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A record-setting attendance and gorgeous weather made for a perfect POW! Parade of Wonders this year. Superheroes, princesses and villains alike took over Stephen Ave for the parade, part of Calgary Expo, on April 27.

With over 4000 registered participants and 17,000 people lining the street to watch, this was an amazing year for the cosplay parade. Scroll down to see some of the ingenious costumes and celebrity appearances!

Star Wars family with their homemade Millennium Falcon

Lively comic book-style signs brought the parade back to its roots

Something a little different.. Funko Pop-style characters made an appearance!

Among the crowds were plenty of kids dressed up like their favourite heroes…or villains.

Princesses in the background and Transformers in the front – there was something for everyone watching the parade!

A little something for all the Back to the Future fans: two Deloreans were participating in POW! 

Elaborate costumes, like the one seen here on The Beast, were common.

Batman even stopped by to visit with his young fans.


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