Jan 07

HPR – Freak Show and Midway sampling

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Tonight, tonight only, and it might be blurry…

I’ll make this one quick. If you’re interested in checking out the High Performance Rodeo at all, it might be worth checking out my uStream feed.

High Performance Sampling
http://twitter.com/wintr – My twitter feed will announce and provide links as well.

Tonight I have been invited by the curators of Midway and Freak Show to broadcast some select bits of their work. These shows only run this weekend, so if you like what you see you should make plans for Friday and Saturday night now. Midway is free but can get packed, and Freak Show has sold out it’s tours in years past. The uStream may not be high def, and it might get choppy, but it’s a bit of a view inside.

I might even be joined by Melanie Jones [@calamityjones], my partner in crime last year for our Freak Show piece, Frozen Garden.

I haven’t told her this yet, but I’ll be able to make it happen.

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