Apr 23

Spoken Word Festival -Now in Calgary

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Our family had the honour of getting to know spoken word artist Sini Anderson here in Calgary from New York City for the Spoken Word Festival.  We gave Sini a place to stay for a few nights as she prepared her material for the festival.  More than a poet, Sini is also a filmmaker about to embark on a film documentary about the musician and feminist Kathleen Hanna.  This worked to my advantage as her and I met Victoria Slam Champion Missie Peters at the Plaza to watch the final film in the Underground Film Series.  This film, Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers was a perplexing cinematic encounter and I was pleased to have Sini explain it to me after and free my night from an after-movie night of terror.

Sini Anderson and Missie Peters are in Calgary with 60 contemporaries from all around the world.  The Spoken Word Festival, in its 8th year, will run from April 20-April 20 in a variety of venues at different times of the day.  This festival appeals to the young and old, to the Francophone and the curious.  This year it  boasts the theme The Penultimate Cabararet.

So, what exactly is Spoken Word?  According to the website, the term “Spoken Word Artist” refers to and encompasses all artists/poets working in the oral tradition. This includes all Jazz Poets, Dub Poets, Hip Hop Poets, Sound Poetry, Slam Poets, Storytellers and Folk Poets. Spoken Word also includes poetry bouts. Spoken Word poetry encompasses word, language,rhythm, sound, music, and beat. It is written and presented in the voice and tone of the people. It is for the people. It represents the community.

So come and see what poet and creator Sheri-D Wilson has organized for Calgary this year.  She promises an eclectic and exotic collection of Spoken Word artists and venues.

Tickets and information can be found at calgaryspokenwordfestival.com

Check out Sini Anderson’s trailer for Melissa Febo’s memoir, Whip Smart

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