Jun 15

Meat Sundays at CharCut

by Julie Van Rosendaal · 0 comments

CharCut has started a little something called Meat Sundays, for which they come up with a new creation each week and invite people to come sit around the communal table and share it. It’s posted on Facebook and Twitter, and only a limited number of spaces are available. So you have to put in your dibs.

In the past they’ve done a 50 lb meatball sandwich and 10 foot sausage. Last weekend they made a 35 pound poutine.

John and Carrie brought it out steaming – all 35 pounds of it (they weighed the ingredients – (did you know it takes 60 pounds of fresh cut fries to make 30 pounds of cooked ones?) including 3 kg of cheese curds and what I can only imagine was a bucket of gravy. The fries themselves were cooked in duck fat. It was poutine perfection, served at the communal table, family-style, to a dozen or so ecstatic people. Awesome.

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