Sep 04

Musical Stylings

by Barbara Bruederlin · 0 comments

Quick, can you match these fashion trends with a particular musical genre?  Tie-dye, rhinestones, Doc Martens, flannel.  Not too hard, was it?

Popular music has always had a close tie to fashion, sometimes following style trends, sometimes setting them.  Although some of the fashions that have been strutted on concert stages over the years have thankfully not translated to popular everyday wear (think Madonna’s conical bras), generally what you see on stage is reflected in what the audience is wearing.  When everybody in the room is wearing ironic t-shirts, hipsters glasses and neck-beards, it’s hard to tell exactly who’s in the band and who’s just standing at the back of the room, bopping their head to the bassline.

Plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and vintage dresses with cowboy boots have been standard fare in the indie music scene for years now.  An eternity in the fashion world, really.  Perhaps it’s time for a new look in the clubs and music venues of downtown Calgary.

Maybe it’s time we all started sporting day-glo balaclavas. Winter is encroaching, after all, and what better way to stay warm, update the indie fashion scene, and show solidarity with imprisoned Russian feminist punk collectives than with some colourful incognito-wear?  With a visit to Winners to complete the Russian fashionista look, your Pussy Riot style could be gracing stages and mosh pits across Calgary this fall.  Na zdorovie!

This post is a part of downtown Calgary’s Back To Style month. Visit us downtown and online to be in the loop on all the fun and fashionable events taking place in downtown Calgary.

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