Dec 04

The Best Sandwich in Downtown Calgary Round 2

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Saying something is the ‘best’ is very hard to do, especially when it comes to food. Topping the culinary charts means different things to different people, so my own unique tastes will differ to that of a food celebrity like John Gilchrist. In reality, I knew the title of “Best Sandwich in Downtown Calgary” would be hotly contested and my taste might change on a week to week basis. That being said, I’ve chosen another sandwich to add to the list of ‘Best’.

The Chicken Avocado sandwich from the SAIT Culinary Campus isn’t as eye catching as food from many sit-down restaurants. The sandwich comes in a plastic bag and is only available for take-out from the campus, but for such a big sandwich it packs a lot of value!

With hundreds of culinary students on hand all striving for top marks, I imagine each sandwich as a class project. Each bite is like an A+, and as I chew I imagine digesting an aptly written book report on my favourite novel or taking in an expertly crafted diorama on the solar-system. Seriously, I think that the minds that brought us the Culinary Campus are geniuses.

Scholarly references aside, the sandwich is very good. The creaminess of the brie cheese, mayo and avocado really work well together. The arugula adds just a little bit of crunch, and the chicken is always moist and tasty. Additionally the contents are placed between the bun in such a way that it makes it very easy to eat, it’s surprisingly tidy for a sandwich slathered in so much mayo.

Finally I washed my meal down with a Dry vanilla bean soda, which is one of the many beverages available at the Culinary Campus. The light flavour and lower sugar content of this beverage matched perfectly with the lightness of the sandwich and made me feel a little bit better about eating so much white bread and mayonnaise in one sitting.

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