May 17

Street Style Huntress: @Twitter

by Aldona Barutowicz · 2 comments

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Sometimes you have the pleasure of meeting someone that you have an instant connection with and have much to chat about. What’s most impressive and a bit bizarre is when that connection and friendship begins on Twitter.

That’s precisely how I first had the pleasure of meeting and becoming pals with Abi Paul. He was the guy wearing a suit in his profile photo that always had fun tweets not only about himself, but about Calgary, and most importantly, our art and culture scene.

After exchanging a few tweets and direct messages about a few events happening in our city, Abi Paul and I decided to meet in person. Not only was he sweet and charming, but also very stylish. Over the time that I’ve known him, he’s impressed me with various looks, from formal to a lot more casual as in the photos below, and no matter what he’s worn, I’m continually impressed.

I’m also impressed with the work that he’s done and the organizations he’s become involved with. He is a founding member of Pivot, which is Glenbow Museum’s initiative to unite Calgary’s next generation of influencers and leaders for a fresh take on arts and culture in our city.

Abi is the author of the independent energy blog, and of the popular local blog,, where he blogs on MoneySavings, TravelAdventures, ArtsDesign, CareerTips, and SocialCommentary. And if that weren’t enough, Abi is also a guest blogger for Huffington Post Alberta.

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What does art and the art community mean to you? Art is something that I like to stumble upon by chance and be taken by surprise. Calgary has some incredible talent but it is not in your face and so having a curious exploratory mind and then finding something that makes you stop and think about the art is certainly a great sign of a healthy city from a cultural perspective.

How are you involved within the Calgary Arts community and what got you interested? I was always involved in arts development during my 20s, and when I moved to Calgary, I felt that the city did not have any social events that were focused around the arts, so that’s how the Pivot idea was born and when it was put forth to the Glenbow it turned out be perfect timing.

What other projects are you involved with? I launched a seed project called WHITE HAT PROJECT that offers free business consulting to any small business globally by connecting MBA students/graduates with business that requires the knowledge expertise but cannot afford the cost of hiring a full time strategy management company or personnel. Current inception market is Africa based tour operators. Details on




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