Apr 10

Lunchbox Theatre’s Miss Caledonia will charm you

by Jenna Shummoogum · 0 comments

Peggy Ann Douglas wants to be an actress and see the world beyond the walls of the farm that she lives on with her parents. Since it’s the 1950s, she figures the way to fame and a new life is through beauty pageants. So she is determined to be the next Miss Caledonia. Lunchbox Theatre’s production of Miss Caledonia by Melody Johnson with musical score by Alison Porter, starring Jamie Konchak alongside Fiddler Aleksandra Danicic is a charming little play about a young girl following her dreams.

Peggy Ann decides to register for a local beauty pageant with the help of her mom. She leads the audience on her journey of developing a talent, learning to answer questions with poise, and what it’s like to be under the spotlight.

Konchak is a born storyteller who expertly leads the audience through the journey of the beauty pageant. She plays all the characters, right down to the cross eyed receptionist. Danicic helps to tell the story with her music, and her music feels like another character on stage. It all happens on a bit of a drab stage designed by Julia Wasilewski, to illustrate how plain Peggy Ann feels about her farmhouse – one without a running toilet – is. David Smith’s lighting design allows the play to transition between scenes smoothly.

Miss Caledonia is fun and director Karen Johnson Diamond makes sure that the story is told with musical charm.  Konchak and Danicic will help you forget about the snow outside.

Lunchbox Theatre’s Miss Caledonia runs until April 21. More information is available online.

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