May 04

Engaging with art and the community through Jane’s Walks

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Photo: Trudie Lee//Dancer: Allara Gooliaff

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so what better way to enjoy the sunshine then to go on a Jane’s Walk! Jane’s Walks are free, locally-led walking tours inspired by writer Jane Jacobs, who believed “…cities were their own ecosystem and everyone was responsible for the place that they lived in,” as participating artist Allara Gooliaf states.

This weekend, Theatre Junction Grand in partnership with Alberta Theatre Projects and the Calgary Foundation will present 6 local artists, performing 10-minute plays as a Jane’s Walk. Gooliaf is a dance artist performing tomorrow, kicking off the walk at Theatre Junction Grand. Her piece entitled God is a Magpie, is a piece about humans being governed by the natural world we live in. Gooliaf is a stilt dance artist and loves the “crazy costumes while dancing and talking and providing projections.”

Gooliaf, along with other artists, will lead participants on a walk through historical Stephen Avenue. Their pieces will urge you to look at “something old in a new way.” Or will at least ask you to explore the avenue in a way you haven’t before.

The pieces are not all connected, but are linked to Stephen Avenue in a creative way.

“To me, Jane’s Walk is a chance for people to see aspects of their neighbourhood that they might never had examined carefully before, or a chance to see something new that was old,” Gooliaff says. “Something that maybe they took for granted that they can now see in a new light. ”

The 10 Minute Play Jane’s Walk runs tomorrow and Sunday at 1pm in front of Theatre Junction Grand. More information about this Jane’s Walk and others being hosted this weekend is available online.

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