Feb 01

Street Style Huntress: Vicariously Creative

by Aldona Barutowicz · 0 comments

What I love most about street style and capturing the lovely fashion on our streets is that I can admire, treasure and discover style that is much different and diverse from my own. I’m able to live vicariously through others, and most importantly, constantly feel inspired by those I photograph and meet.

This inspiration also leads me to always be more fashion forward and daring with my own personal style. Trying new things, in my opinion, is not only fun but necessary in my life, as I always want to continue growing, altering and expanding in my life, fashion and all other aspects included.

When winter arrives that inspiration can be a little bit harder to find, although we are lucky to have bursts of warmth hit the city as Chinooks roll in and out. This is when I take the much welcome opportunity to hit the streets in search of fabulous style.

For the days that are a little bit too chilly, I turn to my hero and biggest inspiration of all, Bill Cunningham. He is the king of Street Style in New York City, where he’s been capturing stylish strangers for many years for the New York Times.

When I first heard of Bill Cunningham, I was intrigued. When I saw him in action, courtesy of the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, I was instantly inspired and essentially found my newest hero and mentor, as he sets out each day on his bicycle to photograph on the streets. It was then that I deemed the words, “I want to be the Bill Cunningham of Calgary,” and I wasn’t kidding. I’m a woman on a mission!

And so, during a few Chinook-warmed days in January, I was able to capture everything from graphic animation sneakers, pink and purple hair, amazing over-sized Jackie-O sunglasses, and a little bit of fur, among others.

So now, as we slowly inch towards summer, all that this street style huntress needs to make all of her street style and fashion dreams come true is…a bicycle!









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