Mar 05

The Big Taste Conversations | Michael Scarcelli, Plowshare Artisan Diner

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Who: Michael Scarcelli, Head Chef
Where: Plowshare Artisan Diner

Downtown Calgary: What interested you in becoming a chef?
Michael Scarcelli: Being able to play with my food and not get in trouble for it! The real reason I became a chef was due to growing up close to my mom and grandamas who cooked and baked such great food. It inspired me to do the same.

DC: What’s your favourite part of your job?
MS: Being able to create dishes that people love, and playing with different flavours and ingredients.

DC: Tell us about the dishes you’ve created for The Big Taste
MS: We are sticking to diner classics, like our grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and a few others. But at the same time, we’re making sure we can offer breakfast all day.

DC: What do you think people don’t know about the Downtown food scene?
MS: The downtown food scene has evolved for the better, creating and offering different price ranges that can make dining out affordable.

DC: Why should people get out of their own neighbourhood and go downtown to eat?
MS: Downtown has such a wide variety of cultures and cuisines to choose from that your neighbourhood pubs and restaurants don’t really offer.

Visit Plowshare Artisan Diner for lunch or dinner during The Big Taste and see what they’re all about! 

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