Apr 05

Street Style Huntress: Advanced Style

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Aside from my street style idol, Bill Cunningham, there are a lot of other street style photographers and blogs that I love and follow, including Advanced Style. I have an obsession with those whom are older and wiser, and especially those that up the ante with their style, no matter what their age. Why should age dictate what you wear? Why not have a blast with your style even when you’re 80?

As Cunningham, Ari Seth Cohen hails from New York City, and that’s where his master street style photos come from. He photographs amazingly clad ladies and gentlemen of a certain age, and each one of his photographs makes me squeal with delight!

In his book Advanced Style, Cohen claims that “to be old is to be experienced, wise and advanced. The ladies I photograph challenge stereotypical views of age and aging. They are youthful in mind and spirit and express themselves through personal style and individual creativity.” I couldn’t agree more…style and expressing yourself through fashion, as far as I’m concerned, is not only necessary, but a must no matter what your age.

So in this installment of the Street Style Huntress, let’s celebrate style at all ages! I had the great opportunity to meet a lovely and fashionably clad 72 year old, which is clearly what inspired this post, but I also met some other lovely and fashionable strangers of various ages and personal styles, so cheers to all!


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