MEC Bikefest 2013: Everything on Two Wheels

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One of the most enduring childhood memories can be getting your first bike. Not just because it was a new toy to play with, but also because that bike gave you your first taste of independence, the freedom to explore your neighborhood, and may have helped create friendships that you still have today.

Mountain Equipment Co-op’s MEC Bikefest is a celebration of cycling for all those who share in the joy of riding on two wheels. Now in its fifth year, the festival has moved from small roots to a full day of everything and anything bicycle – this year on Saturday June 1 at Eau Claire Plaza

MEC Bikefest has skills clinics, demos, group rides and workshops. You can try out gear and test ride a new bike from vendors on site. A bike swap will take place where you can buy or sell your cycling gear, or donate a bike to charity. Free bike tune-ups are available all day; the eager can join a clinic to learn how to fix and maintain their own bike. The festival is free to attend, but some clinics have seating capacities and a small cost – information and registration at http://ow.ly/l1Dxg.

2013 is seeing a couple of new activities. This year, cyclists can try out the Sombrio PUMP track on site at Eau Claire for free!

Most importantly, like those childhood days spent riding with your friends, Bikefest is all about having fun. With music, food, prize giveaways and activities for kids, you don’t even need to be a bike enthusiast to have a good time. So bring your bike, your family, and your friends, and embrace everything on two wheels.

For information on MEC Bikefest please visit www.mec.ca/events

This has been a guest post from Liam Perrot, National MEC Bikefest Coordinator. If you’d like more information on how to contribute to GetDown, email [email protected]

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