Jan 07

January in downtown Calgary means High Performance Rodeo! The annual arts festival is back this week with all their wacky weirdness, and CIFF takes on the streets of New York with their monthly Doc Soup series. [click to continue…]

Dec 20

Wishing you a merry Christmas from everyone at Downtown Calgary! Skating, shopping and New Years Eve are all on the menu this week, so check out whats going on to find your perfect end to 2018. [click to continue…]

Dec 17

This week The Dudes are celebrating Christmas at the Palace,The Palomino is hosting a queerly festive dinner show, and Lunchbox Theatre is being naughty…but also nice. Keep reading for more! [click to continue…]

Dec 10

Ice skating on Olympic Plaza is back, The CORE Mall is starting their extended hours, and It’s a Wonderful Life is back at the theatre. It must be the holiday season! [click to continue…]

Dec 03

December has arrived and all your favourite holiday events have arrived with it. Santa photos, menorah lighting, and winter murals are all showing up for downtown visitors this week, keep reading to find out more! [click to continue…]

Nov 26

This week downtown Calgary is showing you real life worth watching at CUFF.Docs, daily music at the mall, and family comedy with Zorro: Family Code! [click to continue…]

Nov 21

If you’re like most people, you probably think about animation as—actually, scratch that. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about animation much at all. Which is totally reasonable. But there are some of us who think about it a lot. Calgary’s Quickdraw Animation Society has been obsessing over it for almost 35 years now. And every November, we put together our best argument for why you should be obsessed, too.

[click to continue…]

Nov 19

The holiday season is officially upon us and the CORE is celebrating with free Santa photos! We also have the Globe keeping busy with GIRAF, and the Devonian Gardens are giving your kids a nature lesson! [click to continue…]

Nov 14

Whether you’re reading this before or after having had your minds rocked by CUFF.Docs 2018 (Nov. 28 – Dec 2 at Globe Cinema) one thing is for certain, documentary films are one of the most effective artforms for inspiring empathy and have the power to stay with the viewer long after being seen. [click to continue…]