Jul 17


We’re back to our regular scheduling! Start your week with some Monday motivation with our Monday Blues series on the Stephen Avenue Summer Stage. By the weekend, you’ll be ready to move your hips with  ZUMBA® at the Fiestaval Latin Festival.

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Jul 14

One of the most exciting things about street style is that you never know who you’ll meet and what style awaits around every corner – literally! That’s exactly how I met Foon Yap – I rounded the corner to spot her walking on 7th Avenue near The Palomino Smokehouse during Sled Island, and I had to cut my phone conversation short to go and capture her amazing street style. [click to continue…]

Jul 10

This week is dedicated to all things Stampede from parades, breakfasts, shopping and. . .  Flash mobs? If being away from the grounds is not enough, be sure to check out Event Calendar for more options. If celebrating Stampede is more your speed, read on!  [click to continue…]

Jul 04

Yahoo! It’s time again to saddle-up for the Stampede Season! We’ve got a lineup of Stampede breakfasts, parades, entertainment and Stampede style to get you through Stampede 2017! [click to continue…]

Jul 04


Come on down and be our guest at Calgary’s First Pancake Breakfast of the Stampede season right on Stephen Avenue outside the Telus Convention Centre between Centre Street and 1st Street SE.  [click to continue…]

Jun 30

I’m a firm believer in authenticity and honesty – and thus I have to report that I was underwhelmed this year at Sled Island – not the festival itself, but the fashion. After many years of amazing festivals and street style huntress adventures, this year felt a bit lacklustre. Of course I found some goodies (pictured above and below), but it took days to acquire and photograph what would usually only take just one evening at the festival in years’ past. [click to continue…]

Jun 29

Everyone is invited to the First Flip Free Stampede Breakfast on Thursday, July 6, 2017 from 7:30am to 10:30am [click to continue…]

Jun 29

Year after year, the celebrations for Canada Day get bigger (and better) and so do the crowds. Taking part in the Canada Day festivities isn’t for everyone, but if you still are coming downtown and want to do something a little lower key, we have some ideas for you. [click to continue…]

Jun 26

Parking and dealing with traffic can have it’s challenges at the best of times. With the anticipation of more than 250,000 Calgarians making their way down to the core for Canada 150 celebrations, visitors will need to be a little more easy going than usual. To help, we at Getdown have come up with some options to help you get down and around downtown. [click to continue…]