Mar 25


Spring just wouldn’t be the same without the Calgary Underground Film Festival, and true to form the fest is pushing the boundaries of cinema right here in Downtown Calgary. [click to continue…]

Mar 23

King Lear 450 - captionsShakespeare’s King Lear is an epic tragedy. A king who fears growing old and wants to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters, and determines this by asking them how much they love him. And when his youngest daughter refuses to play his game, he banishes her and anyone who objects to his decision. [click to continue…]

Mar 20


He has an impressive list of clients and experience, but it’s his personal style that really intrigues me – and the lovely human who wears the interesting clothes! Jason Krell’s personality and style speaks volumes, and he’s naturally that person you really want to get to know. Aside from running a Communications Company, Krell is also half of the dynamic duo, The Style Guys – which only means one thing – I now need to snap the other style guy to really complete my Street Style Huntress contributions! [click to continue…]

Mar 20

The Haunting 0465 NB1_8245 copy

In this room, they may not hear you scream.

If you like ghost stories, then Vertigo Theatre production of The Haunting, a chilling story adapted by the ghost stories of Charles Dickins by Hugh Janes and deftly directed by Craig Hall, is for you. [click to continue…]

Mar 16


Back in 2010, Ground Zero Theatre put on Neil Labute’s Reasons to be Pretty, a heartfelt, strong production that won multiple awards. Five years later, they are producing the sequel, entitle Reasons to be Happy, starring the same cast except for one. This play is a look at the same characters, three years later and we learn that the more things change, the more they stay the same. [click to continue…]

Mar 13


Kevin’s first try at establishing his sportswear store failed. After re-evaluating his experience, he opened another store. Kevin is now the proud owner of four successful sportswear stores. Kevin didn’t fail in his first attempt. Failure occurs when we quit or stop trying. Kevin has perseverance. He kept improving his products and services. [click to continue…]

Mar 12


You are invited! An amazing day out for girls to put on ridiculous hats, garden party dresses and fancy gloves…

The town is abuzz about the Cork & Canvas High Tea Fundraiser that the CPO is hosting on Saturday, March 21 at the Fairmont Palliser. Not only is it benefitting an important part of our arts community – the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, it will also be a fantastic afternoon filled with delicate treats, afternoon tea and a fabulous fashion show. [click to continue…]

Mar 10


Spring collections are already starting to arrive in the shops and Holt Renfrew is not be excluded. This a big season for Holts as it marks the end of winter – hurray! If you are like me, you probably feel like you’ve been layering up for months now with woollen sweaters and boots, and pretty much have no idea on how to tackle your spring wardrobe. [click to continue…]

Mar 09


Looking out for style has grown from a hobby to my main mission, and it’s amazing when I don’t have to look very hard or when someone’s look really captivates and inspires me instantly – enter Sarah K. Alonso, who’s personal style did just that. In the few years that I’ve been bumping into her at events and parties, I’m always delighted to check out what Alonso is sporting – I’ve seen her in patterned pants, bright colours, interesting jewlery and accessories, and her favourite and mine, all in mysterious black. [click to continue…]