May 22

roads-photoAre you where you want to be professionally? Have you reached a fork in the road and can’t make a career decision? Do you have a career path?

What is a career path?

A career path can take many forms, and much depends on where you are in your professional life. Are you a new grad just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to re-ignite a passion? Are you hoping to climb the ladder in your current organization or longing to explore a new field?

Some companies implement career path programs to help employees develop in the company. Others don’t. Regardless, it’s beneficial to take charge of your career direction. Your career is one of the greatest investments you can make. [click to continue…]

May 19

King Lear 450 - captionsAfter 6 hours of deliberating, the three critics of the Calgary Critter Awards have released a nominee list for this year’s awards.

Calgary Theatre Critics, Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald, Louis B. Hobson of the Calgary Sun, and Jenna Shummoogum of are pleased to announce the nominees for the fourth annual Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards. [click to continue…]

May 19


YYC Kids Fest

May 20th to 23rd – With more new shows – each as big as a kid’s imagination – the 2015 Calgary International Children’s Festival promises to be the most exciting and engaging yet! This festival features new shows from around the globe: side splitting comedy and the savage drumming of BAM, a spectacle of anti-gravity acrobatics and comedy in Leo, a unique adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, plus the PBS sensation Wild Kratts Live performing live on the Jack Singer Concert Hall stage. [click to continue…]

May 15


When I first started shooting, and much before my Street Style Huntress career really took off, I would take my camera with me just to photograph the world. I shot architecture, flowers, the ocean, trees, and of course, people. People doing cool things. People just sitting on benches and hanging out on the beach. If it caught my attention and I liked it for some reason, I photographed it, even if it was a dead leaf floating in a murky rain puddle. With my background as a photo journalist, the candid moments speak the most to me, and I think it’s that inquisitiveness and passion that really lead me to photograph stylish people – I somehow had to incorporate my love of photo journalism and fashion and bring it all together. [click to continue…]

May 15


Patio season has arrived and as usual Calgarians are hungry for long afternoons in the sun, coupled with great drinks and delicious food. Ki Japanese just launched their Izakaya menu using spring & summer ingredients. There are some seriously tasty and refreshing cocktails on that menu that are perfect for enjoying post-work. [click to continue…]

May 14


Verb Theatre and Inside Out Theatre premiered a soap opera titled Mike, Karen Karen, Mike. It is dominantly a interview with Mike Keir, conducted by director Col Cseke, with some improvised portions where Karen Johnson Diamond (The co-artistic director of Dirty Laundry Improvisational Theatre) comes in. [click to continue…]

May 13

B201_Erlton_Sunnyside_May 15For anyone coming downtown from May 16 to 18th, 2015 please note that CTrain service in the downtown core will be altered. Train service will be replaced by shuttle buses that will bring commuters in to the core from stations surrounding downtown. Read the following specifics from Calgary Transit.

Temporary service change

Downtown CTrain stations closed – May long weekend

Affected route(s): 201, 202
Affected station(s): 7 AV SE@ CITY HALL, 7 AV S@ CENTRE ST, 7 AV SW@ 1 ST W, 7 AV SW@ 3 ST W, 7 AV SW@ 4 ST W, 7 AV SW@ 6 ST W, 7 AV SW@ 7 ST W, 7 AV SW@ 8 ST W

In effect: May 15, 2015 – May 19, 2015

Shuttle buses replace CTrain service in the downtown core over the May long weekend. All stations along 7 Avenue will be closed (except Downtown West/Kerby) from approximately 7 p.m. Friday, May 15 until 2 a.m. Tuesday, May 19. [click to continue…]

May 12

Dial M

At the very beginning of Vertigo Theatre’s Dial M for Murder, Max Halliday (Braden Griffiths) outlines that there are five reasons to murder someone: fear, jealousy, money, protecting someone you love and revenge. Max is a TV writer for a mystery series and is explaining how he has to find an original way to murder someone each week. Margot Wendice (Vanessa Holmes) is intrigued by this, serving max drinks in her fancy dress. [click to continue…]

May 11


Arts Commons Open House

May 14th, 2015 – On May 14, 2015, from 11am to 2pm, Arts Commons is going to come alive in a whole new way, with Happenings, an interactive Open House event. This is a chance to experience and engage with each of the resident companies in inspiring new ways.

Instead of the traditional venues that we use to present our programming, guests to the event will be led on a self-guided tour of the hallways, back stage passageways, nooks and crannies of Arts Commons as they become the stage for each of our resident companies. [click to continue…]