Jan 17

She had me at the leopard print coat! If there’s one thing (and trust me, there are many) that Katherine Nicole Holm can do, it’s winter style and make it look flawlessly easy. As Calgarians, we know that often we are faced with frigid temperatures that make looking amazing that much more difficult. So I say, take a note from Holm and get an incredible statement coat and call it a winter’s day! [click to continue…]

Jan 16

In December 2017, we saw a five-day challenge pop-up across social media to #spreadgoodyyc with the intention to carry it forward into everyday and into the new year. Whether or not you participated in the five-day challenge, you or your organization can kick off the new year by spreading good. The RESOLVE Campaign is among many campaigns that is ongoing and strives to eliminate homelessness in Calgary. [click to continue…]

Jan 15

This week for downtown events we have music, moons, and marching! Whether you want to open your wallet for an evening of whisky tasting, or keep it closed and go for some free lunchtime entertainment, Downtown Calgary has something for you.

[click to continue…]

Jan 12

To say that Daughter is a provoking piece of theatre is an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that Daughter is bait and switch! [click to continue…]

Jan 10

Motus’ MDLSX explores the notion of self and identity beyond the borders of the body, skin colour, and sexual organs, or an imposed or acquired nationality. Androgyny and music explode at Theatre Junction Grand from January 25 – 27, 2018, as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s 32nd Annual High Performance Rodeo.  [click to continue…]

Jan 09

Review written by Jenna Shummoogum

“If I were to choose a life of love it would be with you.”

This is  simultaneously a beautiful and infuriating line in the musical Onegin, a production by Amiel Gladstone and Veda Hill, presented by One Yellow Rabbit Theatre and Theatre Calgary, as part of the High Performance Rodeo. [click to continue…]

Jan 08

This week brings us into the second week of the High Performance Rodeo festival. If you’re looking to shift gears a bit, drop in for an author reading with Nikki Reimer, a ProArts@noon series performance, a new theatre production or an intimate Flamenco performance filled with song, music and dance! [click to continue…]

Jan 05

Review written by Jenna Shummoogum

With a bang and a whole lot of sparkle and pzazz, the honeys of Hot Brown Honey have kicked off the High Performance Rodeo!

The Briefs Factory is a company from Australia and raise the roof at the Theatre Junction GRAND. This is a show that lays down beats within a cabaret and variety show that sends out a message to rock the boat and stand up (against the patriarchy). With a diversely talented cast, Hot Brown Honey has a concert feel to it  complete with an vivacious MC, dancers, circus artists and burlesque dancing. It’s an entertaining way to rise up! [click to continue…]

Jan 05

I have to start by saying Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you all the joy and happiness – and style inspiration too!

Ok, and now back to regular Street Style Huntress programming. . . [click to continue…]