Oct 23


It’s getting all 1997 up in here! CJSW’s annual funding drive’s coolest event of the season will be a throwback to a time of innocence in the music industry, a time before Napster, a time when a compilation CD put out by a music television station that actually played music videos could be Canada’s #1 top selling album the year it was released and stay strong as the #3 best selling album in Canada OF ALL TIME.

On Hallowe’en, 17 local bands will play loving tribute to the 17 tracks that captured the Canadian music zeitgeist in a perfect combo of UK, US and Canadian artists.

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Oct 22


Holt Renfrew presents LOOK2014 at the Centennial Planetarium on November 1st

Calgary’s iconic Centennial Planetarium will come back to life on November 1st for LOOK2014—an unforgettable event supporting Contemporary Calgary. Contemporary Calgary’s was formed in January 2014 through the merger of the Art Gallery of Calgary, the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary and the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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Oct 21


“If you take away the scales of justice, what are you left with? — Her sword.”

This quote from Nicholas Billon’s new play Butcher, presented by Alberta Theatre Projects is the crux of the production. It’s play about brutality, revenge, and justice. And it unfolds with twists and turns. It is intense, dark and thought provoking. The plot is a bit slow to move along in the beginning but it then drops off a cliff and the audience just has to hold on. [click to continue…]

Oct 21


Have you heard the news? ‘Twas the Night 2014 was just announced! In case you haven’t attended in the past or you are new to Calgary, this our largest holiday celebrations and after-hours shopping party right in downtown at CORE Shopping. This year’s festivities kicks off on November 27, 2014 at 6:30pm and is a bubbly and bright event full of incredible entertainment, shopping and of course, the annual lighting of the CORE’s stunning 45-foot Christmas tree!

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Oct 20



Revisit Collodi’s tale about the world’s most famous puppet: Pinocchio. Born from a talking piece of wood carved by old Geppetto, the rebellious, cheeky and careless Pinocchio discovers the meaning of growing up through a thousand trials.

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Oct 20


Canada and the Netherlands were thrown together after the Second World War. Canada liberated the Dutch from German occupation and it is this relationship that Theatre Calgary’s Liberation Days explores. What happens to a country after it has experienced the brutality of German occupation and then liberation by another country. It absolutely is not the same as it was before the war. No matter how hard the act of changing is.

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Oct 17


“I traded the stability in life to find the unpolluted me and discovered a person who wanted to create. The world of fashion became my canvas.”

– Aleem Arif (Creative Director- Bano eeMee.)


It’s not every day that you have the pleasure of meeting someone who lives and breathes what they do for a living, for the simple fact that it’s their calling and passion – and it’s that passion that is truly inspiring and contagious, and hopefully everyone will eventually get a little taste. [click to continue…]

Oct 15


Downtown Power Outage

Due to a utility fire on October 11th, 2014 there is an ongoing power outage in the Downtown West End of Calgary. [click to continue…]

Oct 14


In the evening of Saturday October 11th there was an underground utility fire in Downtown Calgary’s West End. This fire has caused major damage to the utility infrastructure in that area and as a result there has been no power to a small area of Calgary’s Downtown Core. Please see the attached map for the exact location of the power outage.

Updated Thursday, Oct 16th @8:40am: Power has been restored to the area. The Mewata Armoury info centre is still open from 9 am – 9 pm to provide info & support for residents returning home.

For exact details please refer to the City of Calgary Power Outage Resource Webpage.

An information centre has been set-up at the Mewata Armoury (801 11 St. SW). Note that you will need to provide proof of residence to register at the Centre.

Information for businesses affected by the outage.

After a disruption over the weekend, the C-Train is still running as normal, however there are some bus detours. See the Calgary Transit Webpage for more information on detours and service disruption.

While we strive to be a source for information regarding Downtown Calgary, the most accurate and in depth information regarding the ongoing situation will come from the City Of Calgary.

For more information you can also follow the City of Calgary on Twitter, as well as ENMAX.