Apr 18

IMG_0599 Sara Boldsen-Ryan

With Coachella just recently wrapping up, I couldn’t help but be inspired with all of the festival style photos popping up on Instagram and online. Over the years I’ve photographed street style at Sled Island and Calgary Folk Festival, among a few other festivals that happen in our city each summer season, and as we get closer, I thought it would be a great time to start the inspiration for this years’ summer festival wares.

What I love most about festivals is that pretty much anything goes. I’ve photographed a lot of denim, fringe, long flowy skirts, sandals, and beautiful distinct hats. If you want to wear flowers in your hair, or a headband and find your inner 60s queen, or go to the other side with something more rock and roll, the fashion world is really your oyster. The weather will be huge in determining your winning ensembles, although that can be made fun with your layering and head gear options. In the least, make sure you’re prepared with a light weight jacket or sweater and an umbrella.

Among the people that I’ve photographed I have a lot of favourites and a number of images that to me are the epitome of festival style. So to get us inspired and excited about this summer and the festivals that await, here are a few amazing people and festival outfits that I’ve captured over the past few years.  [click to continue…]

Apr 18

The Easter long weekend is shaping up to be an excellent opportunity to shake off the blues that have been associated with this wretched winter, and seemingly eternal month of Brownuary (I made that up, but you are welcome to use it. Let’s make it a thing.).

If you have little ones, it is also the chance to get outside and away from an endless loop of watching Frozen, to leave the piles of Lego behind, and to go exploring what downtown has to offer on a beautiful spring weekend.

Here are some ideas for family-friendly activities and explorations this Easter weekend [click to continue…]

Apr 17


In 2013 we launched #IAMDOWNTOWN with a Stephen Avenue block party and a take-over of the 69th street West LRT station.

We covered the entire station with reasons to come downtown, reminding riders that the West LRT is a fast and easy way to get downtown. This year we’re going North, taking over Crowfoot Station and we couldn’t be more excited! [click to continue…]

Apr 15


Anyone who loves amazing style will want to rush down to The CORE because JNBY just opened! JNBY – Just Naturally Be Yourself  is a contemporary, design driven brand based out of Hangzhou, China. JNBY carries women’s high fashion apparel and accessories with over 600 stores worldwide and this is only one of a few open across the country! [click to continue…]

Apr 14


Brunch is such a great meal. It combines the best of Breakfast with the more relaxed timing of Lunch and pairs nicely with a long weekend. This Saturday is Easter, and it’s perfect excuse to check out brunch at one of these great downtown locations. [click to continue…]

Apr 10
Post image for L’orchestre D’Hommes-Orchestre performs intriguing performance art

Kurt Weill was a German composer who infused his composition with popular music, combining classical with popular. L’orchestre D’homme-orchestre (LODHO) is a performance company that reinterprets the work of particular musicians or composers. Back in 2011, they performed Tom Waits. This time, they are performing the music of Kurt Weills, in a production entitled Cabaret Brise-Jour (Shattered Cabaret), presented by Theatre Junction Grand.

[click to continue…]

Apr 08

For more events, see the Downtown Calgary Events Page

This is My City Festival

APRIL 11 – 17, 2014 – An interdisciplinary arts festival that spans the inner-city. Starting April 11th with a mixed-ability dance performance, as well as story telling, and film festival. Featuring a theme of the Flood of 2013, the festival explores art and performance from the community and connects organizations with arts mentors that help bring the festival to life!


CUFF 2014

APRIL 7 – 13, 2014 – CUFF elevates Calgary’s cultural landscape with the best in local and international independent cinema. This year’s crop continues the tradition of cutting edge, fringe, challenging, and sometimes controversial films. With a film for almost every taste, you can be sure the 11th annual Calgary Underground Film Festival will appeal to your inner weirdo. [click to continue…]

Apr 07


Today kicks of the Calgary Underground Film Festival! Tonight starts off with the Opening Gala of the film ‘Frank’ which cannot be missed. A hilarious film starring Michael Fassbender among other notable stars, you’ll be in for some serious laughs all night. Stick around for the Gala party at Sole Korea Restaurant (628 8 Ave SW) for some sweet tunes by Kenna Burima and Chris Neville.

If you have never been to CUFF before, you are in for a treat! The festival brings out some of Calgary’s most interesting people and cinephiles. The people watching is wonderful pre-show and the mingling that happens in between films is always a blast. There are three major parts of the festival that truly make CUFF, CUFF for me. These items set themselves apart from any other event you could be going to this week. Honestly, if the films aren’t worth the admission fee for you, these certainly are. [click to continue…]

Apr 04


I was a teenager in the 90’s and I absolutely love the decade – still. The fashion and music of the era had a huge influence in who I became, and there were many things that I was obsessed with. The fashion and music were at the forefront, and I loved many bands that also helped dictate some of my style choices, including the Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and Soundgarden, among many others. [click to continue…]