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Haida Manga art at the Glenbow

November 23rd, 2009 by Jill Roberts

Say Haida Manga three times quickly… kinda fun to roll off the tongue, but even more rewarding to see how this remarkable fusion of two far-flung yet complementary styles are invigorating both traditional Haida art and modern Japanese comics.

A giant mural of Michael Yahgulanaas’s graphic novel, Red, pages all torn out and assembled like a totemic puzzle, grips viewers of his Haida Manga exhibit in the Glenbow. (more…)

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+15 window project space and art reception

November 19th, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

If you are finding you need to escape-the office, the weather, the usual lunchtime routine-and you are looking for a place of quiet contemplation.  Consider the art installations along Epcor Centre’s +15 window space.  These window galleries present a taste of the art works that may be found in divergent not for profit galleries of Calgary.  The art that is displayed in these window galleries are selected by the galleries and run for a short time.

Currently there are five installations on display: (more…)

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First Thursday Pictures from Art Central

November 11th, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Art Central’s Fifth Birthday celebration was a success!  It was a hot and  lively crowd that waited around for ACAD’s wearable art show, which ended the formal events of the evening.  Viewing lines were four deep as colourful and creative dresses and designs were paraded up and down the central staircase to an appreciative crowd. (more…)

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Happy Birthday to Art Central

November 2nd, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Who is up for a party?

My girlfriends and I are so we are happy to to attend Art Central’s First Thursday AND 5th birthday party November 5 from 5-9pm. Besides a chance to check out the three levels of galleries and new exhibitions which will kick off that night there will be ACAD’s wearable-art show, (I’ll take pictures), DJ Bruno, a cake walk, yes, I said a cake walk (when was the last time you participated in a cake walk?), openings and a chance to shop. (more…)

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Real Life, Two Ways

October 30th, 2009 by Fiona Wren

When you first see Ron Mueck’s 800-pound sculpture of a baby girl, you might feel a mixture of things. First, you might be really thankful that the baby is a healthy pink colour – a much livelier shade than it appears in photographs. Then, if you look into her eyes, you’ll probably feel startled at how aware she seems.

Of course, around that time you might also feel as if someone else is watching you – that “someone else” is another sculpture, a gargantuan baby head that surveys the room with dark, innocent eyes. (more…)

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The Swimmers - The New Gallery

October 25th, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

I needed a break from my day and so I took a walk down the river and ducked into Eau Claire Market to locate a piece of contemplative aquatic art I had heard about.

Until November 7, 2021 at The New Gallery, Christophe Jivraj’s The Swimmers can be viewed. This video installation which runs continuously daily examines, through two underwater video recorders which are projected simultaneously from opposite ends of the swimming pool, a group of swimmers and their relationship with the water. Those swimmers in the foreground, the subject of this piece, all have a disability, either cognitive or physical and Christophe has worked with them both as a caregiver and an artist over a number of years. The result of his relationship and work is a candid and mesmorizing portrayal of people not often represented in art. The screen is suspended alone in a stark and darkened room and the movements on the screen, the swimmers’ relationship with the water, are both fluid and awkward, both inspiring and curious. You can stay a minute or an hour. I spent about thirty minutes while the noise of the mall melted behind me.

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per.spec.tive Gallery Grand Opening

September 17th, 2009 by Wil Knoll

no more comics composed solely of stick people

One of the strongest ideals that I took from Pecha Kucha Night on Monday was from Jane Pendergast. She spoke about cultural spaces, be them art or civic or otherwise. She said that dynamic cultural spaces are about performance. The community transforms the space through their presence and interaction with the space. Just get the physical building, and the artists and community will grow the culture.

per.spec.tive gallery, who’s grand opening goes down this Friday, seem to be aligned with this to a degree. (more…)

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Calgary Pecha Kucha Night

September 10th, 2009 by Wil Knoll

It’s about art and design, not Pokémon.

I used to think a calendar full of conventions showed that your professional life had finally choked the last gasping breath out of your personal life. Also, that Dad probably never had any fun. I know now that I was way off. He was probably having a blast, and I too have started to fill my calendar with conventions, meetups, twitups, and other gatherings with peers and like-minded individuals.

But I have a hard time believing that five years ago Calgary would have offered the wide variety of networking events and blended (the content and/or your person) cross-disciplinary events that are popping up everywhere now. There’s another one coming up in September, and unless your familiar with Japanese it’s name feels just as warm and fuzzy as almost every new microblogging site on the Internets. Pecha Kucha night goes down on 14 September, 2009, at The Grand. And it barely resembles the slideshows that Dad had to sit through. (more…)

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Sprucing up for Stylocity

September 8th, 2009 by Lincoln Phillip

September marks a New Year in the fashion world, which downtown Calgary plans to celebrate in fine form with the inaugural Stylocity (September 8-12).  Taking a cue from past Downtown Calgary Fashion Weeks, Stylocity will feature runway shows, as well as food, art, accessories and entertainment.

Fresh on the runway

The festivities begin today with a fashion show that will transform part of Stephan Avenue into an 88-foot catwalk. Nikita the runner up of Canada’s Next Top Model will open the show strutting her stuff in this season’s hottest fashions, followed by her chic cohorts from i-Model Management. Get ready to preview fall 2009 trends and accessories from downtown retailers such as Persona, Kismet, Element, Arnold Churgin, Harry Rosen, and Riley & McCormick. (more…)

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Calgary Shows off our Mad Skills at World Skills 2009

August 28th, 2009 by Fiona Wren

Mayor Dave Bronconnier, local musician Jay Crocker, and the World Skills Performance Troupe launched the World Skills Cultural Celebration today in Olympic Plaza. The celebration, which lasts from August 28 to September 5, is a showcase of performances, presentations and art downtown and in Stampede Park. (more…)

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