+15 window project space and art reception

November 19th, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

If you are finding you need to escape-the office, the weather, the usual lunchtime routine-and you are looking for a place of quiet contemplation.  Consider the art installations along Epcor Centre’s +15 window space.  These window galleries present a taste of the art works that may be found in divergent not for profit galleries of Calgary.  The art that is displayed in these window galleries are selected by the galleries and run for a short time.

Currently there are five installations on display:

From the Marion Nicoll Gallery,  recent drawing ACAD graduate Pamma Fitzgerald has two large mixed-media works from a larger collection which exhibited in southern France this summer entitled les Contes de Fées (Fairy Tales).

The Stride Gallery (www.stride.ab.ca) and Calgary-based writer and multi-disciplinary artist, Samuel Garrigo Meza has (getting to know me) getting to know you better.  The artist, through means of rummaging and dumpster diving, invites you to investigate, through found and familiar objects, him, yourself and the idea of privacy, propriety and investigating community.  This is an interactive experience until November 30th.

Black Water Falls an installation by Renato Vitic (Untitled Art Society www.untitledart.org) is in reaction to the possible process of economic manipulation of Bill 10 on Canada’s Film Industry and artistic content. Exhibition daily to October 30th.

You’ll find several potted plants set up in another space rigged with electronic sensors and a water pump.  Craig Fahner’s #garden (Truck contemporary art in Calgary www.truck.ca) is an artwork that investigates the social media impulse.  Instead of twitter users’ transmissions being fleeting and lost, they can contribute in a positive sense and water this community garden.  Exhibition daily to November 28th.

City of Magpies explores collecting, scavenging and compiling as artistic process as well as workshopping in common situations with people accessing the services of the shelter system in Calgary. (www.thenewgallery.org) Exhibition on until December 31.

All exhibitions are free, diverse and well worth stealing some time away from your desk or your usual lunch place.

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