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HPR - 10-Minute Play Festival - Interview with Ryan Luhning

January 7th, 2010 by Wil Knoll

He likes theatre and zombies and stuff

“Once it hits tomorrow it’s go go go, but the lead up is pretty easy.”

Ryan Luhning seems calm compared to most of the recent conversations I’ve had with people about the High Performance Rodeo. As the time drew closer to today, e-mail’s would be replied to later and later. Some responses started showing 2 AM time stamps or worse, and the responses themselves started getting shorter.

But Luhning is willing to give me a bit more. He isn’t producing a show for the High Performance Rodeo per se. He and his team are orchestrating one of the Festivals within the Festival, the 10-Minute Play Festival. Ground Zero Theatre, which he has been the artistic director of since it’s birth 13 years ago, produces the annual challenge that leads to one great big party on Saturday night.

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