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Doc Soup: Last Train Home

March 1st, 2010 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

The best silent auction bid I won in 2009 was my season’s pass to the Docsoup film series.  Each one of these films has been outstanding and when I leave the theatre I am already anticipating the next film.  My wait is nearly over. This month’s film shows Wednesday, March 3rd at Eau Claire Market.

LAST TRAIN HOME explores the chaos resulting when millions of migrant factory workers return to their families and rural villages from the coastal cities where they’ve gone to work.  Focusing on one family caught up in this commute, this film explores China’s struggle with keeping to traditional ways while establishing itself as a modern  global economic power. (more…)

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Doc Soup January Screening: Presumed Guilty

January 5th, 2010 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

I was listening to CBC’s Homestretch radio program one day last  month and host David Gray was inviting listeners to call in to share the best places in Calgary to go to for a few hours to park and let their car warm up.  One suggestion was the parkade at Eau Claire Market. If this cold wintery weather is getting to you and your car, may I suggest doing just that and take in a documentary while defrosting? (more…)

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Doc Soup: Big River Man

October 28th, 2009 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

I’m on a bit of a swimming streak lately so it seems. Three times a week I take my son to his swim meet work outs, then earlier this week I checked out Chrisophe Jivraj’s The Swimmers video art installation at The New Gallery. Next in line is a swim-theme documentary, Big River Man. This film is the kick-off documentary for the screening series, Doc Soup, a monthly film series showcasing the latest Canadian and international documentaries. I had never heard of Doc Soup until last week when I bid and won a subscription for the 2009-2010 year at a silent auction.


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