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Dine Out Calgary Picks: Wil Knoll

March 8th, 2010 by Wil Knoll

Dine Out Calgary starts this Friday, March 5th and runs until Sunday, March 14th. There’s over 90 restaurants participating this year and that means a lot of great dining choices. To help you with your decision our blog writers have chosen their top picks for the 10 days. First up Wil Knoll

I started to go to the gym before Christmas and had been somewhat committed to my 10k runs, and keeping my weight down around the 160lbs mark. The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is just months away, and I need to be ready.

Christmas came and I battled it. New Year’s came and I hung out with the crew (two young Calgarians enjoying the life in a 31 foot Winnebago named Walter) in Las Vegas… Then High Performance Rodeo came and there was drinking more nights out of the week then not.

So, just as I’m starting to trend back down towards the happy 160lbs that is only 5 measly little pounds away, downtown Calgary puts together Dine Out Calgary.

Obviously, you’ll be seeing more of me at the Y in the coming weeks… Here are a few of my picks for Dine Out Calgary. Since over the next 10 days they will be offering a set menu for Dine Out Calgary, I’m going to just give a taste of some of the locations.

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