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HPR - The Shameless Plug…

January 7th, 2010 by Wil Knoll

I’ll take them where I can get them…

This time last year I was part of Freak Show, Swallow-A-Bicycle’s contribution to One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo. I was pulled into a number at the last moment, handed a megaphone and told to climb to the highest point accessible on the top of The Epcor Center. Outside. In the snow. In the cold. In the dark. Did I mention the snow?

It was awesome.

I’m not able to yell at you people this year (and yelling at people through a Megaphone is awesome fun) because unfortunately I’m not part of Freak Show. I know. It makes me sad also. I haven’t seen my Megaphone in almost a year. I called him “Titan”. Happiness is a loud Megaphone…

But I do have a part to play in the High Performance Rodeo. Here’s two more shows you should check out, Swallow-A-Bycicles Freak Show, and Ground Zero Theatre’s 10 Minute Play festival.


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