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Tweetup and Tono

January 29th, 2010 by Sophy Kors

I was standing in line for a coffee and heard what is by now a familiar refrain, “Calgary has no culture, no art, nothing to do,” from a guy (a Torontonian as it turns out) talking to a friend in line behind me.  As I had just spent the better part of a day reading posts about the High Performance Rodeo I couldn’t help but turn around and say (in a non-creepy way) that he should check out, a month-long festival that brings together different arts right here in Calgary.  He looked a little surprised by my friendliness (being helpful, not creepy I swear) and then … “Thanks”.

There is culture and art and great things to do in Calgary , but sometimes you have to look for them.  My Thursday night proved to me the variety you can find even when you’re not looking, just being open to suggestions. (more…)

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Calgary Aids Haiti via Massive Tweetup

January 21st, 2010 by Victoria Peterson

As the world comes to grips with the devastating impact of the earthquake that struck Haiti last week, three Calgary women have banded together to mobilize the city’s social media community, as well as the corporate population, to provide aid to the impoverished country.

On Thursday, Jan. 28, YYC4Haiti will be held at Flames Central (219 – 8th Ave SW) during the Calgary Flames PPV game against the Phoenix Coyotes. The Flames, Calgary Stampeders, Calgary Roughnecks and many other businesses and individuals have generously given donations for a silent auction and door prizes.

All proceeds from YYC4Haiti will be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross. (more…)

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