A Search for the Perfect Nachos: The Unicorn

August 31st, 2009 by Nathan Atnikov

Downtown Calgary has its share of pubs and restaurants, and its share of options to sit down with a beer and a plate of nachos. To help you sort out your options and decide which nachos are right for you, GetDown.ca has launched a search for the perfect plate of nachos.

Our first contestant is The Unicorn, found at 304, 8th Avenue SW. The first thing you’ll notice is that this is a large, large order of nachos. The regular-sized order is more than enough for two people, and comes piled high with cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa, and the usual veggies. Beef, chicken and guacamole can all be added for a little extra. The veggies were fresh and the chips were nice and crisp, unfortunately the cheese wasn’t completely melted all the way through, but for the most part the nachos were very enjoyable, and it didn’t hurt that The Unicorn is kind enough to offer half-pints of beer to those not looking for a full 20 ounces after work.

Overall, the nacho experience at The Unicorn was good, but not great. The extra 20 seconds it would’ve taken to melt the rest of the cheese would’ve been well worth it, but that’s surely not an issue every single time. I would definitely go back and give them another shot.

Overall grade: B

The Unicorn
304 Steven Avenue Mall
Calgary, AB

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3 Responses to “A Search for the Perfect Nachos: The Unicorn”

  1. John says:

    My favourite nachos downtown are at Vicious Circle – they give you a TON of them, load it with toppings and the cheese is always melted perfectly. Looking forward to the rest of the reviews.

  2. Where's The Cheese? says:

    My nachos at the Unicorn were lacking in the cheese department — and I’m all about the cheese.

    My vote will go to another nacho contestant thank you very much.

  3. Nathan Atnikov says:

    Thanks for the feedback, friends.

    john - I will certainly add Vicious Circle to my list of targets.

    Where’s The Cheese? - I had the same problem at the Unicorn, not a lot of cheese, and what I got wasn’t melted. Like I said in the article, this probably doesn’t happen every time. But hey, you never know when someone is going to write about your food, right?

    Any more suggestions?

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