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*atomic Tea Feels Like Home

by Rhett Soveran · 4 comments

Image courtesy of K-idea

Image courtesy of K-idea

A couple of weeks ago I was (home) visiting my parents in Saskatchewan and we went to a winery. To me, this was a site to be seen. A living contradiction, it would seem. But no, it was a winery with a vineyard. They literally grow their own grapes in Saskatchewan. But this isn’t a review about the many paradoxes of Saskatchewan. As we sat and enjoyed Saskatoon berry pie (delicious), with a large scoop of ice cream, my mom got up to take a picture of my dad and I, but before she could get a shot off the owner of the winery rushed over and offered to take the picture of the three of us. And I thought—where in Calgary could I get that experience of exemplary service and proud ownership? No where. But then I remembered the one place in the city I count on when I feel homesick—*atomic,  which has the best bubble tea in the city.

Full disclosure, my cousins, Russell and Jessica Bohrson own and run *atomic. Which, on the surface, might seem to explain why I feel the way I do about their shop. And it does, but not completely. When I go into the shop, my cousins give me a hug, say hello and make as much conversation with me as they can, but they get right back to business as soon as one of their customers come in. Now, they don’t give them a hug (until you’re a regular), but they greet their customers with the same enthusiasm as they greet me and this sense of community is infectious because next thing you know, while Russ or Jess is making your drink in front of you, you end up talking to other customers—a real life Cheers. I always go in with the intent of saying a quick hello and don’t leave for 30 minutes.

This is supposed to be about the best bubble tea shop in downtown Calgary. But I am not adventurous or really know what standards that you would apply to judging bubble tea. I order a piña colada because I am boring and conservative and don’t like to try new things. Though in certain instances, when pressured, will try new things, so I let them put bubbles in. Turns out they are fun, tasty and kind of squirmy. I may not have a master palate, but I think their drinks are delicious (and the Dragon’s do too) and I would like to think I know something about friendship. So for me, they are the best because of the sense of belonging that I and everyone experiences when they enter the shop.

Go for a drink, maybe even a well-crafted sub, but stay because you are always welcome at *atomic.

*atomic experience (downtown calgary)
623 1 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3B1

Photo by k-ideas.

*atomic on the Dragon’s Den.

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