December 4th, 2009 by John Gilchrist

I was downtown alone one evening and got a hankering for Indian food. But Indian food is not easy to order off the menu for only one diner. And since it was evening there were no big buffets around. I was stymied until I came across Maharajah across from City Hall in Rocky Mountain Plaza. They do “thali,” which is a combo platter for the individual diner. Maharajah’s is an excellent one. Or two actually – they have a vegetarian thali and a non-vegetarian one. Guess which one I had.

The thali platters themselves look like an over-grown TV-dinner tray. Usually made of steel or plastic, they feature various compartments for the foods.  At Maharajah, for $19.95 you get a fresh salad, some daal, a big pile of rice, a hot naan, rice pudding, a piece of tandoori chicken, a big scoop of butter chicken, and a second of lamb curry. (You can alter the meats if you’d like.) It’s a lot of food, it’s prepared in the style of Northern India, and it’s moderately spiced. (You can alter the spice level too.) It’s the perfect solution for the single diner.

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Maharajah is also pristinely clean and pleasantly decorated and linened. I found the staff very accommodating too.

It’s affiliated with two other Maharajah restaurants, both of which are located in Singapore. That might be a long way to go so if you’re in Calgary, this location may be easier.

Maharajah is located at 607 Macleod Trail S, 403-237-9581


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