Doc Soup: Last Train Home

March 1st, 2010 by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

The best silent auction bid I won in 2009 was my season’s pass to the Docsoup film series.  Each one of these films has been outstanding and when I leave the theatre I am already anticipating the next film.  My wait is nearly over. This month’s film shows Wednesday, March 3rd at Eau Claire Market.

LAST TRAIN HOME explores the chaos resulting when millions of migrant factory workers return to their families and rural villages from the coastal cities where they’ve gone to work.  Focusing on one family caught up in this commute, this film explores China’s struggle with keeping to traditional ways while establishing itself as a modern  global economic power.

This promises to be an emotionally engaging and visually beautiful debut film from Chinese-Canadian director Lixin Fan.

Wednesday, March 3 @ 7:00 pm
Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market, 200 Barclay Parade, S.W.
Admission with Doc Soup subscription
Single tickets: $12 in advance at Bird Dog Video (1333 16 Avenue SW) or $14 at the door

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