Getting graffiti Off the Wall

June 2nd, 2010 by Leah Wong

There is a team working to combat graffiti in Calgary’s inner city.

The Off the Wall team is a partnership between the City of Calgary’s Clean to the Core initiative, and five BRZs (Business Revitalization Zones) - Calgary Downtown Association, Uptown 17, 4th Street, Victoria Crossing and Kensington.

Wearing bright blue t-shirts, the OTW team removes tags, stickers and posters on the street level, and paints over graffiti on public and private buildings.  They report any graffiti they are unable to remove to the City of Calgary.

Part of their job is to educate businesses in the BRZs about the effects of graffiti; if they find graffiti on a private building, they will ask the owner for permission to remove it.  By removing graffiti, OTW keeps these areas clean, while discouraging future graffiti crimes.

The team started cleaning up graffiti in mid-May and will continue until the end of August.

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