Dining with Mozart at Q Haute Cuisine

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Classical Calgary – Mozart in the City starts this week and this year it includes a dining component.  Get ready for a night of Mozart with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra by enjoying classic Austrian dishes reimagined by some of our downtown restaurants.  Of course, one of the hardest parts of ‘Dining with Mozart’ is deciding where to go, so I’ve asked each chef a series of questions to help you choose.  First up is Q Haute Cuisine and Executive Chef Michele Aurigemma.

What do you like about cooking in Calgary (Calgary Restaurant Scene)?

The constant challenge to introduce new preparations and techniques with limited product.

How did you incorporate the Austrian theme into your restaurant’s usual offering?

By taking authentic Austrian dishes and tweaking them slightly into Q versions of the dish.

What is your “go-to” ingredient in the kitchen?

Every ingredient is, none lack the standard and quality that Q ensures.

What is the “must-have” item on your usual Fall menu that patrons should try and why?

The Scallop and Pork Appetizer, here you have a beautiful combination of sweet, rich and salty components.

How would you describe your cooking method?

My method is free-flowing; never overwhelming products, yet still respecting the French techniques.

Finally, is there a funny kitchen/restaurant story that you would like to share with us and our readers?

We did the sugar/salt switch to one of our young pastry cooks and invited his family over for dinner to try one of his first creations, the famous lemon tart.  Much to their surprise they were shocked to have a savoury sweet.  Moral of the story? Taste, taste, taste.  He’s still with us and is now sous-chef of pastry, working well.

This menu is one of my favourites, because it describes the classic Austrian dish and then goes on to describe the Q version.  And there’s dumplings.

This Friday, October 29, 2021 there will be students from the Mount Royal University Conservatory of Music playing select pieces throughout the evening at Q Haute Cuisine.

So? Is Q Haute Cuisine on your short list or do you already know where you’d like to go for Dining with Mozart?

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