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How to help your wallet heal come January

If you budget your household income you’re probably well aware of how the season is going. You’ve either knocked it out of the park by saving early, or January looks like leftovers and no eating out. Doing my own budget I realized how much spending I do on the Arts. I’m not saying that I’m looking to cut corners, but January is going to be tight.

We’re lucky that One Yellow Rabbit is all behind making Calgary a city to be proud of and affordable to live in culturally. They know the value of a dollar, working hard to squeeze every cent while creating top performance art in Calgary. And during the High Performance Rodeo, OYR is right there for us, with one last gift of the season.

Three big events. Free. Downtown. In the epicentre of the Rodeo.


On the Friday and Saturday nights of the rodeo OYR invites you into the home base of the Rodeo. Right outside OYR’s office doors, MIDWAY paints the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts with an eclectic group of acts that cover every discipline. A mini-festival within the festival, and curated by C.A.K.E. Young Artists’s society, MIDWAY is different every time you turn around. Last year I caught young musicians, a lady walking on glass, shards, Thing One and Thing Two giving massages, and there may have even been a zombie uprising (Not sure if that happened organically just as the city’s cultures bumped into each other downtown that night). Walk in, check it out, and then maybe bump off to the Laycraft Lounge for a beverage.

Chinatown Mash-Up Art Parade - January 21

Festival Curator Michael Green has always had a fascination with the +15 system. And on January 21 from 4 - 5 PM, his curiosity gets the best of him. In celebration of Chinatown’s 100th anniversary artists will be getting together to flood the +15s with floats, dance, music, and whatever else you can do fifteen feet above the ground. The tour will leave close to Chinatown and then slink it’s way to the Arts Centre. Crossing that threshold the Pacific Rim Mash Up Dance Party happens. If you’re going to be walking through the +15s anyways why not redirect to this event?

SNOWBLOWER - January 15

Green won my heart over when he told me that SNOWBLOWER was a bit inspired by The Burning Man Festival, my home away from home. SNOWBLOWER is THE party at the rodeo for electronic music fans. Last year we steamed up the air to Beats Antique, Pretty Lights, Mr. Scruff and local Bruno. The turnout was all awesome, chill people just there to dance and enjoy fat crunchy beats and crisp Calgary air. Burners were out in full effect, a few members of Calgary’s Thermal Shock Mafia spinning poi to the tunes. Last time I had seen them they were part of the Conclave that surrounds the Man when he burns at Burning Man.

This year RJD2 picks up the blowtorch to drop some fat beats. January 15. What else can I say about this?

Oh, there may be some crazy meetup happening that night… Think hot chocolate, good tunes, and smiles.

Really, that’s a metric tonne of fun for free. Time to invest.

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