Alberta Theatre Projects brings back the world’s greatest lover

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But everybody deserves to love, right?

Alberta Theatre Projects has brought back The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan, by popular demand. The racy tales of Don Juan’s greatest loves is revised since it’s premiere in 2009, and stars Duval Lang as Don Juan, returning to ATP fresh from his contributions to the Enbridge playRites Festival.

The play opens to Don Juan, in hell and held captive by his tormentors for his life of lust and infidelity. He regrets his life, his lusting ways and wants to learn and repent by putting on a play of his life. In which he plays himself.

The audience is lead through his birth, his loves and sexual encounters. The Old Trout Puppet Workshop provides all of Don Juan’s co-stars. His bull fighting father, his mother, his lover and the bull itself. Don Juan tells of how his father left him and his mother and how he learned of the ways of the world from his dog friends. He marries but then falls in love with another. As the play progresses, we know that Don Juan doesn’t repent anything. He would really like everyone to engage in one giant orgy of love.

The puppets are clever and dance in a light of creativity. Lang is a riot as Don Juan, dropping sexual comments and playing with the audience with a twinkle in his eye and a teasing smile. The set is captivating in its originality and the movement of the puppets (especially with three people working together) is impressive. But the story of Don Juan is lacking in depth. The execution of the story of the world’s greatest lover is striking. But the story of the world’s greatest lover isn’t the world’s greatest story.

The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan runs at Alberta Theatre Projects until April 16th.
Tickets are available at the door or at atplive.com

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