Oct 28

Eau Claire Gets Ready to “Thrill” Calgary M.J. Style!

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Ever wished you could recreate the epic zombie dance routine in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video?  You can if you head over to Eau Claire Market on Saturday, October 29th.  

People are always looking for something different, exciting and a little bit crazy to do on Halloween weekend.  At Thrill The World, Calgarians can break out their best zombie costumes, join a ‘Thriller’ dance mob, be part of a World Record, and help support Calgary’s less fortunate, all at the same time.  There’s no other event like it.

Anyone can take part in “Thrill the World.”  It’s free, open to all ages, and simple to do even if you don’t dance!

You can learn the moves step-by-step on the Thrill Calgary website.

Participants are encouraged to bring a donation for the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank and, of course, dress like zombies, but it’s not mandatory.

I don’t know about you, but I loved Michael Jackson growing up and Thriller has always been one of my favourite albums.  I was even lucky enough to see the Jackson 5 Victory Tour at the tender age of 5.

I can remember watching the Thriller video on Halloween when I was a wee lass and having the living crap scared out of me.  Of course, the fact that our house backed on to a cemetery probably didn’t help matters.  My poor parents!

Back in 1983 no one could have anticipated that this video would become such a world-wide phenomenon and it’s pretty amazing that almost 30 years later groups of people from all over the world want to get together and perform it all at the same time to set a world record.

Registration starts at 5:00 pm in Eau Claire Market and they hope to have all participants registered and practicing an hour before the record attempt, which is at 8 pm exactly.  The event is FREE but everyone is encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item for the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank.

Footage from last year’s event, which was held on Stephen Avenue, can be viewed here and it is awesome!!

If you own a red leather jacket and a sparkly glove don’t even try to resist Vincent Price’s sinister voice calling you Downtown this Saturday night!

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