Downstage takes a dark, intimate look at recession

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The recession is hitting hard. Ned and Gwen are struggling to make it through, dealing with their schizophrenic daughter and the fact that their living space keeps getting smaller and smaller. Ned goes from giving financial advice to becoming a street side prophet. Downstage Theatre’s play And So It Goes isn’t scratching the surface on the issues. It’s diving straight in.

“I felt that [the writing] really resonated a lot with Calgary” artistic producer Simon Mallett explains, though Calgary wasn’t hit as hard as a number of other cities, we really wanted to engage and have a discussion with Calgary audiences [about the recession].”

The play, written by George Walker is a dark, intimate look at a middle class couple as they struggle to keep the pieces of their lives together. But And So It Goes features some comedic twists, some dark humour. Gwen turns to her therapist, the dead author Kurt Vonnegut and find solace in his teachings.

“I certainly have an appreciation for the world view and political views that Vonnegut expressed in his writing and to be able to bring some of that philosophical approach to the play is a lot of fun,” Mallett says. “It’s also fun to see someone be the spirit of Vonnegut on stage.”

But striking that balance between funny and serious is sometimes a challenge. “The play wouldn’t have the same bite if the moments of anguish were not authentic for the characters,” Mallett explains. “But I’ve been blessed with a very talented cast and they have been able to find that line between the two.”

And So It Goes runs until April 9th. Tickets and more information available online

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