Mump and Smoot more than just clowning around

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Mump and Smoot take clowning around to a whole new level in Cracked, the newest play at Alberta Theatre Projects. Bringing back their own brand of horror clowning, Mump and Smoot (Micheal Kennard and John Turner) are back after nearly a decade since their last play Flux.

Taking place in their own home on planet Ummo, where they worship their God Ummo and speak in Ummonian, Mump and Smoot are giving the audience a peek into their lives together. The play opens to the world of Ummo, a place of multicolor and fluorescence.  A fur chair stands in the corner  and crinkly fabric adorns the ceiling.

Mump and Smoot emerge from their sleeping cocoons and begin their day. It is clear that Smoot is energetic and impatient and his child-like movements suggests that he is younger that Mump. Mump is neurotic and organized and the provider within his relationship with Smoot.

Cracked is full of surprises. It delves into deep topics and Mump and Smoot cover a vast array of emotions within a language of gibberish, though understandable gibberish. It is scripted and improvised simultaneously, with the clowns responding to audience members and cracking jokes with them. Audience members are advised not to arrive late as it will be a performance they won’t forget. Cracked offers a unique blend of humour and horror that enables the viewer to go through moments of laughter, disgust and sorrow. Clowning around has never been this fun, or this horrifying.

Cracked runs at Alberta Theatre Projects until May 15th. Tickets are available at the door or online at atplive.com

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