New Urban Sanctuary in the Downtown Core

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Ever since I first saw the development permit for Hotel Le Germain with the space labelled “spa” I have been holding my breathe to see what would open.  For them to have a spa, it would need to be spectacular, as none of their other properties offer this service.

Well I am ecstatic to say Sante Spa opened it’s doors last week on the top floor on level SPA2.  Sante Spa is well recognized in Calgary for its commitment to quality with Spa Ritual in Crowfoot and Sante Spa on 4th Street.

As a regular at the other Calgary locations, I was eager to check the Le Germain location and booked in for the Grounding Foot Massage, which was bliss, more on that in a bit.

Once getting out of the elevator, I walked into the Spa place and was pleasantly surprised by the lobby. There were three very comfortable over-sized chairs, snacks, water and tea, but no reception desk.  Immediately I felt at ease in the warm and inviting space. Relaxing with a glass of lemon water I waited a few minutes and was greeted by Marie and invited into the main spa space. At once I noticed the monochromatic tones in brown and the use of candle lights along the wall.  This was truly a small and intimate spa with only 3 individual rooms, a couples room, 2 pedicure chairs and a manicure area.

The Grounding Foot Massage is unique to Sante Spa and for this reason I knew I had to try it out. What better way to  give my feet a treat after wearing all the high heels?

The brochure describes it as:

This stress-relieving experience is inspired by traditional foot massage.  Ginseng, Ginko and stimulating Bamboo help increase circulation and remove impurities.  A massage of the lower legs and feet involves a variety of traditional techniques including graceful, two-handed palm movements and acupressure utilizing a mahogany stick, to stimulate reflex portions on the feet.

Lets just say it was pure bliss that started out with a foot soak and exfoliation with a lemon grass/bamboo scrub after which I moved to the bed for the massage portion of the treatment.   Under dimmed lights, with Asian music playing in the background, Marie worked her magic on my feet.  The more she massaged and did the reflexology, the more I relaxed I became.  At one point I could have sworn I was back in Thailand getting a massage outside under the pam trees.    At the end of the treatment I was nice and relaxed but also had a clear head making me ready to tackle the rest of the day.

I highly recommend the Sante Spa at Hotel Le Germain and their one-of-a-kind wellness route and traditional manicures and pedicures developed to meet the needs of Calgarians living and working in the downtown core.

Now - how soon can I get back in…?

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