What $12 Gets You These Days: Learning at the Library

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This is a post by guest blogger Katie Murray. She’s works in education and social media, and is an avid fan of yoga, food, writing and photography. If you’re interested in blogging for GetDown, learn how here.

When I first became acquainted with the Calgary Public Library, I was aghast that it was going to cost me $12 to acquire a library card. $12?! Nowhere else I have ever lived even charged for library cards! I though library cards were up there with other free things that we have the right to, like oxygen and sun light. I guess not.

Now that I have seen more of what the library has to offer, I am more than okay with a mere $12 charge – where else can you gain access to thousands of books, electronic resources, and amazing programs for just $12?! I sure don’t know anywhere. This past weekend I attended a few sessions during the Library’s annual ‘Writer’s Weekend’. I came away with some great knowledge, and helpful resources. The library always goes a great job of aligning with local organizations who provide those attending programs and events with outstanding information and materials, above and beyond the program curriculum.

Here are some great things that you can do at the Central branch of the Calgary Public Library this month:

1) Check out some films. In partnership with the Art Gallery of Calgary, you can visit Central on Thursdays this month to screen films on a challenging topic: woman and violence. Each screening is flowed by a valuable discussion – who knows what you mean learn.

2) Check out our province and its contrast to Arizona through the eyes of four different photographers. If you’re anything like me and happen to love all things involved in this program (Alberta, Arizona AND photography?! Yay!) join me on Wednesday, Feb. 13th at Central to check this out.

This may be one of the most highly nerdy things I’ll ever write, but I’m not ashamed: hope to see you at the library!!

Please note that the Calgary Public Library can offer a reduced fee for those qualifying. Visit www.calgarypuliclibrary.com for more info.

Katie Murray works in Education and Social Media by day; her other passions include fitness, yoga, writing, photography, and food. Find her on the weekends enjoying brunch in the city, or sweating at hot yoga. She is on the Board of Directors for Doors Open YYC, and has fallen deeply in love with Calgary since moving here in 2011.

Blog: bestpartofyourday.com Twitter: @KeightyEm

Library photo credit to bchow on Flickr


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