Lunch at Rush

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The first thing you should do immediately after making a reservation for lunch at Rush is cancel your dinner plans.  You will not need to eat again for many hours after enjoying the three course set menu offered at Rush during the ten days of Dine Out Calgary.  And if you have the time, you may find yourself still enjoying both the restaurant and the food close to the dinner hour.  It’s a place where you want to sit back and enjoy.

Photo by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Photo by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

The restaurant is beautiful and elegant with a contemporary feel.  Dark wood, interesting lighting, glass walls and lush drapes offer a sense of luxury.  We were seated at an intimate booth built in a semi-circle fashion.  Instead of sitting across from each other we sat beside one another and looked out over the dining room.  Behind us were more traditional booths and private tables.

Complimentary still and sparkling water is offered and replenished throughout the meal.  The restaurant creates their own sparkling water.

The first course was an apple and celery root soup garnished with smoked ham hock.  It was a creamy bowl of soup with a fantastic flavour.  The ham hock balanced the creamy soup nicely.

It was when the second course, spring creek braised short rib served in a bowl of polenta topped with braised greens was served that I knew my family was on their own for dinner.  The polenta, also creamy, was a perfect accompaniment to the short rib which was tender and delicious.  The portion was more than ample for a lunchtime meal.  I was happy and satisfied when I finished and there was still dessert to go.

Photo by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Photo by Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Dessert was a lemon tart topped with raspberry sorbet with plenty of tartness to balance the creaminess of the preceding two dishes.  If I had the luxury to linger, I would have held off on the dessert and enjoyed a coffee with it as the first two courses were very filling.

Dine Out Calgary  was an excellent excuse to check out Rush, a restaurant I knew very little about.  The very satisfying three-course lunch experience ($25) with a good friend has left me eager to return and check out the regular menu.

Call ahead for free valet parking at night.


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