FIFA World Cup in Downtown Calgary Pubs

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve gotten swept up in the World Cup fever that is making its way around the world. As far as I can tell, the only way to alleviate the symptoms is to watch more soccer. And unlike other diseases having other people around is the best course of action. If my time as a Canadian (whole life) has taught me anything it is that the best place to go watch sports with other people is at a pub. Big TVs, drinks, good food and lots of intense fans. The perfect environment for sports watching. One kink in trying to go out and watch the World Cup is that many of the good matches are happening at 8:00am. So if you want to catch them live then you need to find a place that is open early enough (and coffee shops usually frown on excessive fist pumping and loud cheering, so they’re out). Thankfully, a couple downtown pubs have you covered.

The Garage (located in Eau Claire) will be open early for all of your World Cup needs, and they will be serving a breakfast menu as well.

My vote for great place is The Unicorn. It’s open early, has one thing on the menu (which is fine because it tastes great) and serves beer (if you can drink it at 8am, which I cannot). Thankfully their coffee is great and endless so that will help you wake up. Not only is the food good, but the servers are nice and the other patrons are great, they’re loud but definitely not obnoxious (which is really key to enjoying the pub experience). There are lots of TVs so no matter where you’re sitting you’ll get a good view of the action.

Morning games not your thing? None of those matches interest you? Well don’t worry there are places to go to watch the 12:30pm matches as well. In addition to The Garage and The Unicorn, there is also Ceili’s, Firewater and Flames Central.  Here’s the CBC broadcast schedule.

So now that the Group round is at the end and the Second Stage has started you’ll know where to go take in the World Cup action in downtown Calgary.  If I missed any of your favourites add it in the comments and maybe we’ll try it for our next post.

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Rico June 29, 2022 at 2:04 am

Firewater is open at 8am everyday during worldcup as well. Serving breakfast menu and alcohol starting at 8am everyday!


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