The Wildhorse Saloon Tent Downtown

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It’s Stampede time and that means the tents are up downtown. Beer tents.

Concorde Entertainment’s Wildhorse Saloon tent is so large it seems strange to call it a tent. It takes up a whole parking lot (500 6 Avenue SW) behind the 4 Street SW LRT Station and has flooring, decking and trees. It’s not your typical beer tent. 

Sunday night’s Red Bull SoundClash was my first time in the Wildhorse Saloon and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The layout makes it feel (not cramped like I imagined) and there were lots of bars and places to perch with a drink. There were even tables, which have been a rare commodity in my Stampede experience so far.

The place was packed on Sunday night, although with k-os and Dragonette performing that’s not surprising. K-os started the night with a set and then Dragonette followed with ‘Hello’ (sans Martin Solveig).

For the rest of the night they switched back and forth, with some of the crowd staying in the same spot and others following the music. My favourite part of the Soundclash (essentially a musical faceoff between bands) was the Takeover. K-os started with ‘Sunday Morning’ and partway through Dragonette took over the song. Then they did the same thing for Dragonette. It’s always fun listening to covers, but having the original artist there listening was cool.

All in all, it was an awesome night, although the freak downpour made me glad the LRT station was one block away!

The Wildhorse Saloon will be open for the rest of Stampede 2011. Tonight you can catch Spirit of the West and Wednesday night is Broken Social Scene.

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