Ride an Old Time Rig Downtown for Stampede

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The Old Time Rigs ride every day of the Calgary Stampede except Parade Day (the first day of Stampede) and Sundays, unless it’s raining. Concrete and pavement is too slippery for the horses when it’s wet. Luckily the rain held off earlier this week and I brought my camera along for a slightly different way to get to work than the usual LRT ride.

Tickets are given out every morning of Fluor Rope Square at 8:00am in the northeast corner of Olympic Plaza. They’re free, but there’s only a limited amount available each day. If you want to get a ticket it’s a good idea to line up at 7:00am, they’re very popular and they go fast.

The number of rigs varies from year to year, depending on the condition of the rigs and the number of drivers available. This year there are 14 rigs making the tour of downtown.

Riding in a group of buggies is way more fun than the usual ‘horse and carriage’ rides offered in some cities and it’s sort of like a mini-parade itself with the police escort.

Here’s a video of the trip.

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